Housekeeping in Chico

Everyone loves the benefits of a clean, tidy home. When your home is organized and free from dirt, dust, and grime, you and your loved ones can feel relaxed and at ease.

What’s not so easy is keeping a busy household that way! Between the pressures of work, school, or whatever other priorities you may have, it’s hard to muster the energy or devote time to household chores.

Struggling to keep up with your home’s housework? Does it feel like almost all your limited free time is devoted to doing housework when you’d rather be watching the game or spending time with your kids? If this sounds like you, first off, know you’re not alone. Housekeeping is hard work—it can even be a full-time job in a busy household.

But also know that help is available. Miry's Cleaning is proud to offer homeowners help with housekeeping at incredibly affordable rates.

If you could use a little help around the house, seek out our professional and reliable housekeeping and cleaning services for your home.

Our Housekeeping Services

The best part about our housekeeping service is that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution that we impose on you. When you contract us for cleaning services, we work exactly as much—or as little—as makes sense for you and your budget.

Take a look at the following options we offer residents in Chico, who need help with housecleaning.

Regularly-Scheduled Housekeeping

What most of our clients find works best for them when it comes to our cleaning services is regularly-scheduled housekeeping and house cleaning. Keeping a tidy and organized home has never been easier than with our weekly, biweekly, or monthly housecleaning services.

We’ll come in exactly as often as you need us to and ensure your kitchen, bathrooms, and other common spaces are completely free of dirt, dust, and grime.

Deep-cleaning and extra cleaning services are also available. If you have questions about what our regular house cleaning services include, just ask!

Occasional Housekeeping: Move-In Cleaning, Deep Cleaning and Other Cleaning Services

Many homeowners take pride in their ability to manage their housekeeping and wouldn’t dream of getting regular help from a house cleaner.

But sometimes, you need to call in the cavalry. Whether it’s a big move in or out, or just an annual deep cleaning where you tackle the housecleaning tasks that aren’t done the rest of the year, Miry's Cleaning is here to help with all the occasional housework you might need.

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