Commercial Cleaning in Chico

The health of your colleagues, employees, clients, and patrons is important. Their health is dependent on the cleanliness and health of your facilities. To make sure your office or commercial space meets the highest hygienic standards and is always presentable, contact the cleaners at Miry's Cleaning. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Professional Touch

If you run a business in the Chico area, or anywhere for that matter, it always needs to look its best if you want to attract customers and impress clients. You can never underestimate the importance of making your business look presentable and welcoming. But since you are preoccupied with making sure that your business runs, you can’t blame yourself for not spending valuable time every day making sure it is presentable and hygienic as well. That’s why more and more Chico businesses are seeking out Miry's Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services because our professional cleaners and janitorial services can keep your place of business clean.

Our highly trained cleaning professionals are dedicated to going above and beyond your expectations. With our help, we can make your place of work, no matter what goes on there, become a place of prestige by looking as incredible as the services you provide. When you choose Miry's Cleaning as your commercial cleaning service provider, we guarantee you a clean, pleasant and professional space while adapting our schedules to your needs and requests.

Miry's Cleaning provides commercial cleaning services to Chico, including:

  • Banks
  • Office buildings
  • Healthcare and medical facilities
  • Shopping centers
  • Industrial properties and warehouses
  • Schools and gyms

To receive a free quote on our commercial cleaning service, contact Miry's Cleaning today.

Health in the Workplace

To make sure your co-workers are happy and healthy, you need to make sure that your office space is clean and sanitised on a regular basis. This is easier in some facilities than others, but it is important, no matter what type of workplace you manage. Unclean office carpets can harbor pesky allergens despite looking clean from a distance, and the damp unchecked corners of warehouses are the perfect place for mold growth. If your workspace is overlooked, those messes can become major nuisances.

Not only do your colleagues depend on a clean office to preserve their health—your clients and visitors depend on it too. When your business has a revolving door of people from all walks of life, there is no telling who might wander in. These people could already have compromised immune systems or already feel unwell. To ensure that everyone in your office has the best possible start to a healthy day, put your trust in us.

First-Class First Impressions

Humans are visual creatures by nature. Without trying, we make strong, long-lasting judgements on persons, places, and things based on their appearance. If a facility is untidy, it communicates many things to a person. They might think it is unsanitary, they might think the staff is disorganized, and they might think the company doesn’t care about the comfort of its clients. They might even be right.

Do you want to convey a sense of professionalism? Do you want to give your clients the assurance that you’re doing everything you can to make sure they’re comfortable? Then call us. We will make sure your office never fails to make a good first impression on visitors.

Commercial Cleaners with an Investment in Quality

While finding employees who take pride in their work is hard enough, finding a cleaning company who cares about your business can be even harder.

When you hire us, we want you to think of us as fellow members of your company’s team. We are there to make sure everything is clean and tidy so your other employees can focus on their own jobs. They won’t be distracted by clutter, and they won’t be taking all those unnecessary sick days due to a dusty workplace. We are there to help your business succeed and thrive. We are there because we care.

Flexible Scheduling Options

For no extra charge, you get to decide on the date and time we come to your facility. We know how much disruption cleaners can be to daily operations. That’s why we leave these types of decisions up to you. You decide, and we abide!

What’s Offered in Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Miry's Cleaning’s primary goal is to make your place of business clean and hygienic beyond your wildest dreams. Of course, we can only achieve this lofty goal if we know what you expect from us and our staff. For the first phone call, we will establish what you need done to be satisfied and then it’s up to us to exceed those expectations. So, while our commercial cleaning services are flexible and completely customizable based on what you need cleaned or sanitized, our basic services include:

  • Cleaning of floors and surfaces
  • Dusting furniture and blinds
  • Disinfecting and dusting office, screens, telephones and keyboards
  • Cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and any other common areas found on the premises
  • Cleaning of entrance windows
  • Cleaning entrances and elevators
  • Collection and disposal of garbage, recycling and other waste

We can also help you with carpet cleaning, stripping and polishing and interior and exterior window cleaning as needed.

Five Reasons Investing in Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Employee Morale at Your Chico Business

When you’re a small business owner or operator, every second counts. After all, time is money, and usually, you don’t have as much of either as you’d like! This means that the tough and dirty jobs usually fall to you. But with other competing priorities, like family, keeping the business afloat, and handling payroll, it’s understandable that some of the harder, messier jobs—like deep cleaning—get left by the wayside.

If you’re heading into this season with an employee roster full of glum faces, have you ever considered the effect environment has on your workforce’s productivity? A small investment in regular cleaning services performed by a qualified Miry's Cleaning janitor can put a smile on the face of any gloomy Gus, and here’s five reasons how!

  1. No More Mysterious Refrigerator Smells
    Let’s face it, cleaning the office fridge is something no business owner looks forward to. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, lunches that are left forgotten can create unique odors that travel to every corner of the office. If you’ve noticed your employees sniffling or holding their breath as they rush past the break room, call in the services of a professional commercial office cleaning company!
  2. A Cleaner Workplace Means a Healthier Workplace
    Did you know that viruses and other germs can survive on hard surfaces like desks or countertops for weeks without a human host? If you’ve noticed your employees taking more sick days lately, maybe it’s time to call in a janitor. Regular cleaning services may not completely stop the common cold in its tracks, but it certainly doesn’t hurt!
  3. Deep Cleaning Services for Every Type of Business
    It isn’t just offices that can use a little tender loving care. Miry's Cleaning offers industrial cleaning for large-scale workplaces, whether you work on an assembly line or in a warehouse. If your business could use that little something extra, give us a call!
  4. Reduce Allergy Symptoms for Easier Breathing
    Dust, dander and pollen contribute to itchy eyes and sneezing workers all year round, not just in springtime! It’s hard to focus on your job when you’re experiencing the symptoms of allergies or asthma, especially if you need to take medication to counteract those symptoms. When you call us to provide commercial cleaning for your business, you make an investment in the air quality of your workplace. And that’s something every employee can appreciate, whether they have allergies or merely sit beside someone who does!
  5. A Beautiful Space is a Happy Space
    We humans are visual creatures. Studies show that organized offices that look clean contribute to productivity in measurable ways. The ‘unconventional’ work space might work for some lone prodigies, but for the rest of us, there’s deep cleaning services from Miry's Cleaning. We hope you’ve enjoyed our lighthearted guide on the best ways to use professional industrial cleaning to bring a smile to your workforce. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to call us for a free quote. Best of all, our consultations are no-obligation. What are you waiting for? Call us today!

The Best Industrial Cleaning for Your Chico Factory or Warehouse

Working hard day to day is what comes naturally to you and your team. Your production quota stays high, and your bottom line remains in the black, quarter after quarter, year after year. But keeping that giant warehouse or factory space clean is another story. From dust buildup to solvent spills, you have messes you can’t handle with a mop and bucket alone.

So why do professional janitorial outfits keep forgetting their industrial cleaning equipment when you call them? Skip the amateurs and call the janitorial company with the equipment and skill required to handle the industrial-sized jobs: Miry's Cleaning. For years, we’ve provided Chico business owners with the absolute best industrial cleaning services you can find anywhere in the state of Texas.

Our industrial cleaning checklist includes the following:

  • Floors swept, vacuumed, mopped, waxed, and stripped
  • Walls and ceilings cleaned with detergent and sterilized
  • Light diffusers cleaned and dusted
  • Storage areas organized, labeled, and cleared of debris
  • Vents dusted and cleaned

We can customize our task list to suit your needs. Have particular areas that need extra attention? No problem! Our team of professional cleaners are up to the job.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Whether you’ve just completely renovated an old warehouse into a beautiful fit-out and are ready for a tenant to move in or you’ve just broken ground on your next development, Miry's Cleaning has the chops for any post-construction cleanup job too.

It takes a special team with the right experience to be able to clear debris and dust safely and effectively. And it all starts with the right industrial cleaning equipment. There’s no better company in Chico for post-construction cleanup than Miry's Cleaning!

Deep-Cleaning Services for Commercial Kitchens

When you think of commercial cleaning, you probably imagine a pristine office or a school or hospital with gleaming waxed floors. But that isn’t the only type of business that could use a helping hand. If you own a catering company or restaurant, you know exactly how hard it can be to keep everything neat and organized, even though your establishment depends on it. At the end of a long day, it seems that the walk-in fridge never gets the deep-clean it deserves.

So before the health inspector makes their next visit, why not contact Miry's Cleaning for deep-cleaning services? We can come in once a month or once a quarter to take care of the grease traps, the deep fryers, or the walk-in fridge. We can organize your shelves or pull out your appliances and make sure that every surface in the joint is gleaming.

Why Your Business Needs Commercial Cleaning Services

As we have mentioned above, the main reason Chico businesses invest in Miry's Cleaning’s commercial cleaning services is because it makes your goods and services to consumers. Consumers are smart and they will notice that your business is in a state of disrepair. Plus, the convenience of knowing that its cleanliness is in the hands of a team of trained professionals is irreplaceable.

Another reason why our services have become so popular is that our thorough cleans can minimize the transfer of bacteria between employees or clients. Doorknobs, light fixtures and things of this nature are breeding ground for germs and allergens and when they are regularly treated by professional cleaners, you can minimize days lost to illness.

How To Keep Your Office Germ-Free

Anyone who’s ever worked in an office environment probably laughed at the headline above. It seems like half the work that gets done in an office or commercial business is trying to get your immune system caught up to the latest bug that’s circling the floor. Open office? Even worse, and if your workplace has more than 40 employees, you might just spend two months of the year sick with various colds, flus, and bouts of gastro.

For Chico business owners trying to dampen flu season’s effect on their bottom line, it can feel like an uphill battle. What’s most crucial is employing a good cleaner that takes care of all the daily chores that prevent the spread of disease. But not all cleaning companies are made alike. Follow these easy directions on how to keep your office germ-free or ask your current cleaning company about them.

If you or your commercial cleaning company isn’t doing these tasks as a regular part of your office cleaning routine, it’s probably time to get a new setup. May we suggest Miry's Cleaning, Chico’s commercial cleaning experts?

Office Kitchens and Communal Spaces

Of all the different spaces in your office or commercial building that need cleaning, the office kitchen is probably the one most in need of Miry's Cleaning’s thorough cleaning services. The office kitchen represents a double-edged threat to the health and safety of your workers: the normal chance of transmission of cold and flu viruses, but also the risk of food-borne illness from poor storage or unclean surfaces. Cross-contamination between lunches is very possible.

While you might think resting your apple on top of the communal table is no problem, you might pick up staph bacteria if the table hasn’t been cleaning or wiped down recently.

Because the area is so high in foot traffic, it’s crucial your commercial cleaning company spend a lot of time sterilizing every aspect of your kitchen: the inside of the communal fridge, the surfaces, including sink knobs, faucets, dish rack, and chairs, and remove food waste on the floors to prevent pests from taking over your office kitchen. Bathrooms

The bathroom seems like the obvious candidate for needing commercial cleaning to many, and that’s true, but it’s also the most likely room to get cleaned on a regular basis, so it’s probably not as germ-ridden as you think. That said, never forget to wash your hands!


Carpets harbor dirt, dust, and even mold. Vacuum and shampoo your carpet regularly to improve air quality—or hire Miry's Cleaning to do so.

Door Handles

These seem like the obvious culprit for office germs waiting to make you sick—but it’s actually a myth! Door handles are cold and usually made of wood or metal—not exactly inviting places for germs to grow.

Computers and Desks

Did you know the average office computer and desk contained over 74 billion bacteria? It’s enough to make anyone feel queasy. Call Miry's Cleaning for expert sterilization as part of our regular cleaning services for businesses in Chico.

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